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LG LX350 Review, Specs and Pictures

LG LX350 Intro / Mini Review | Details and Specs | Picture Gallery

Sprint and LG have teamed up to create the LG LX350, another CDMA flip style clamshell design cell phone boasting a ton of sophisticated features. Weighing at 105 grams and measuring 92 x 47 x 23 mm, the LG LX350 has a 252k TFT color display screen with an OLED outer display that shows important information such as date/time, missed calls, etc.

The phone is Bluetooth enabled, has an independent voice-recognition feature and a handsfree speakerphone. Tons of games can also be downloaded to the phone thanks to J2ME capabilities.

Here is a breakdown of all the features of the phone:

- Built-in 1.3 megapixel digital camera with Zoom/Flash lens, Video Recording & Playback features. Users can record upto 15 seconds of videos, and save them as screensavers for future playback. Using the MMS feature of the phone, these screensavers can be sent to loved ones via email (PCS Mail).

- Built-in voice recorder that can record upto 3 minutes of voice data and play it back when needed. So if you need to record important business messages or memos for future remembrance, this is how you do it!

- Bluetooth and handsfree speaker functionality

- Infrared Port and PC Sync for easy synchronization with your PC (if you need to download multimedia files off your PC onto the phone).

- Internet browsing with WAP 2.0 with cdma2000 1xRTT internet connection. Browsing speeds could have been higher if the phone had been EV-DO enabled.

- Downloadable multimedia example games, ringtones, wallpapers, screensavers, themes and more made possible by J2ME (Java 2, Micro Edition) MIDP 2.0

- PictBridge software allows you to print pictures directly from the phone without using a PC. This is done via a USB cable and PictBridge-enabled printer.

LG LX350- iTAP Predictive Text Input. This makes typing out messages much faster and easier. This is done by it predicting the words that you are typing, and if it is correct, you can just press Enter and the word will be typed up for you.

- SMS, EMS and MMS Messaging capabilities.

- SMS (short messaging service), EMS (enhanced messaging service) and MMS (multimedia messaging service). With the MMS feature, you can share multimedia content with your friends and family by emailing them content such as ringtones, screensavers, wallpapers, 3gp videos and more. Here's a comparison between EMS and MMS:

- EMS allows you to format your text messages to make them look more professional and organized. Things such as font size, alignment, styles, single/double spaced and paragraphs make up EMS.

- MMS on the other hand allows you to attach videos, sounds and photos (.gif and .jpg formats) to a text message. So if you have to send a greeting with sound and video to a loved one, MMS will help you do it!


LG LX350 Intro / Mini Review | Details and Specs | Picture Gallery



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