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Motorola Fone F3 Review, Specs and Pictures

Motorola Fone F3 Introduction | Details and Specs| Picture Gallery

Introduction Motorola Fone F3 Flip

Motorola has previously announced MOTOKRZR and MOTORIZR cellphones, that belong to thin and slim handset line. Remaining faithful to this line, Motorola has announced a new addition: Motorola Fone F3, also known as MOTOFONE. There are two versions - the FONE F3 is a GSM handset, the F3c is a CDMA version for North America and other CDMA markets. In comparison to SLVR cell phone, this one is remarkably thin: only 9 mm (.35"). That makes it the thinnest of all the Motorola phones ever released and one of the thinnest available on market.

The main feature of Motofone is the fact that it uses the EPD (Electrophoretic Display ) technology. An EPD display consists of a number of particles (typically suspended in some sort of fluid) which have a light side and a dark size. An electric charge "flips" the particle over. It's rather like a microscopic reversi board, with dark and light sides to each particle. Thanks to EPD display, you can clearly view the screen even in bright sunlight. The screen is clearer, at high contrast, due to this new ClearVision display that eliminates glare. Another advantage of this kind of display compared to other type of displays as TFT or OLED, is that the energy consumption of an EPD display is very low. Therefore, one can save space and weight, when choosing this cell phone. On the downside, the user interface is monochrome. As a consequence, in very low light, the phone's display might be difficult to read, because the EPD display does not have lighting of its own.

Other features include enhanced voice dialing and voice user interface support, polyphonic ring-tones, and a speakerphone.

The Motorola F3 Fone offers an alternative to text: voice prompts. And not any kind of voice prompts, but ones available in local languages. The new interface is build using icons. By using intuitive images, the phone facilitates the sending of SMS messages, the making of a call, the answering of a call and any other activities, for the navigation is really easy. Menu activation is voice activated, in all the local languages. The font size is pretty large, making it readable without too much effort from the user.

For customers that have pre-paid credit, the cell phone helps them keep in track of their expenses. It automatically reports the status of their pre-paid account after each call or message.

Motofone includes a very powerful loud volume, so that you can hear it even in the loudest and crowded places. This way you won't loose any call, ever!

The design is dust resistant, thanks to the flush keypad. This cellphone was made to be resistant even in the harshest conditions, making it durable for everyday use. Motofone is truly built to last!

Motorola Fone F3 SideConcerning the stand-by and talk time, Motorola Fone F3 does not disappoint its customers. The stand-by time is estimated at 16,5 days and the talk time at about 7 hours. Motofone's brother, F3c has less battery life: 2.5 hours of talk time or just over 7 days of standby time, a dramatic difference.

Motorola Fone F3 has it all: easy functionality, high design, smart features, suited even for a cell phone novice. The user interface is easy to use and even easier to learn. Above all, the price is very motivating. The phone won't be that expensive, as it has no MP3 player, no FM radio or camera. It's a simple, cost-efficient design, proper for the usual user, or a beginner.

However, Motorola's targeting of the FONE is more abroad than in the U.S. Motofone will face stiff competition in the U.S. where prepaid phones are nearly free already, and will instead target emerging markets with new network deployments.

The MOTOFONE is expected to be available in the second half of 2006 when both MOTOFONE F3 and F3c will be available.

Basic Features:

. Voice prompts in local languages
. Intuitive icon-based user interface
. Stylish thin design
. Extended battery life
. Durable housing for optimal performance despite dust and sun
. High-contrast screen using new ClearVision display
. Large font size for easy readability
. High-volume for call clarity in loud environments
. Automatic notification of current prepaid balance
. Embedded polyphonic ringtones in eight voices
. Ability to download ringtones

Motorola FOne F3 Introduction | Details and Specs| Picture Gallery



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