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HTC Espresso Review- A Real Successor Of HTC HERO

HTC Corporation is yet to release HTC Espresso, a brilliant sliding phone within a couple of days. Essentially, we all know that the previous models of HTC just rocked the mobile phone market. The demand and expectation for this phone among mobile phone users around the world is surprisingly growing high. It is believed that this device is actually a GSM version of the HTC Hero with a landscape sliding QWERTY keyboard. However, this one is quite different from HTC HEro or so. HTC plans to release  its new smartphone Espresso at the exhibition Mobile World Congress 2010. This phone is surely going to hit the market with its eye catching features. Let’s have a look on the extraordinary features of this shiny phone.

HTC Espresso is running the Android 2.1 OS

HTC Espresso is running the Android 2.1 OS

It is expected that this phone will  truly be a real successor of HTC Hero or so. The display is really large enough to satisfy anyone. This phone’s giant display also offers miraculous resolution, helps you make your every moment colorful. With this extra large display watch videos, music videos and TV much clearly than the previous versions. This exciting phone offers 320 x 480 pixels that is quite impressive and fabulous. Just touch gently and coolly.

It’s absolutely a matter of great joy that this advanced phone is coming with Android 2.1 OS. Well, it seems pretty cool that HTC upgraded the Operating System. On the other hand this phone will also be equipped with ARM11 Processor. The operating system and processor seem too upgraded that it cam easily be understood that this phone would be one of the most powerful and fast phones. We have to wait a few days to know the real speed of this smart phone.

HTC Espresso’s camera will be undoubtedly a good one. Although any further information about camera and video is not revealed yet, we can assume that it could be more than 5 MP or so. Hence it’s cleat that the resolution would also be exceptional. It offers you to snap high quality images. Besides, the video recording quality is also mysterious. It let’s you record your favorite moments in MPEG, HD formats that is really dashing.

The UI on HTC focuses on the maximum comfort when working with the device

The UI on HTC focuses on the maximum comfort when working with the device

For better web experience, this phone is equipped with a built-in web browser. Nevertheless, by the means of upgraded and advanced 3G and WiFi technology, surf on the internet softly and comfortably. This phone supports HTML,Xml over IP/HTP that is really cool. Get connected with your favorite  to your social networking sites quickly with the one touch feature just set right to your home screen. Share photos and videos pleasantly and care-freely with just a single touch.

Detailed Specifications are not available right now. Here are some pieces of information about HTC Espresso:

Processor: ARM11 (most likely 600 MHz)


Screen Size: 320 × 480 pixels

OS: Android 2.1

Type: Sliding

3G-  Yes

Wi Fi- Yes

Touchscreen- Yes

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