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LG Arena Max KM-900 Review- With Touch Screen and S-class User Interface

Although this Smartphone is yet to be released by LG electronics, the intention and demand for this latest model is sky-high. Because of the huge sale, LG electronics is in top 3 ranking. Besides, in the coming three years, some 50 LG phones with windows mobile are scheduled to be released. LG Arena is probably the first one among the 50 models.

LG Arena Max is attractive to look

LG Arena Max is Attractive to Look


The LG phone looks beautiful. This sophisticated phone looks really large because of the large 5-inch display. It almost looks like an LCD monitor. The size is really perfect as like as its weight. The resolution of this phone is 800×400n that’s the thing that everyone just marveled. The high resolution makes the display crystal clear. Besides the touch screen monitor it includes a three-touch button. In this Smartphone, you will initially find four buttons; the on/off button, the camera shortcut and the volume buttons. This ergonomic design attracts most of the people and most of them are eagerly waiting for this technologically advanced and vibrant phone.

S-class User Interface:

The new, technologically advanced S-class user interface has desperately changed the menu of this phone. Notably, there are four start windows. The windows are changeable, just move them with your finger and interestingly the screen rotates like a cube whenever you move the windows. This intuitive phones menu is very simple and clear. Just slide your fingers and scroll through the files.

The touchscreen feature is really astonishing

The Touchscreen Feature is Really Astonishing

Capturing With LG Arena Max:

This Smartphone comes with an integrated digital camera with a resolution of 5.0-megapixel. Although rumors are spreading that it will come up with a 12-megapixel camera resolution, many people assume that it will come up with 5-megapixel. Capturing images with a 5.0-megapixel digital camera is really a great thing. Just capture your wonderful moments with it and just scroll them to view them. There is also a viewfinder in the right side of the display that enables you to go to the camera menu easily for capturing. However, the viewfinder works like a quick access menu from where you can just go to settings or any important menu that you prefer.

Face Recognition is also included in this Smartphone. This technology really works well. The camera automatically detects faces and hence adjusts focus, color etc accordingly. For better picture quality be in front of the camera without moving.

Locate Your Position With The GPS Antenna:

By the means of GPS antenna, you can easily and quickly find your location and with the help of a map you can locate your position. This antenna has Wi-Fi and it’s really astonishing. No worry which part of the city you are now. Just locate your position with the integrated GPS system.

Memory Card:

This phone includes integrated 8 GB internal memory that is really surprising and surreal where most of the Smartphone’s external memory is up to 8 GB. It sounds great. Besides, this LG Arena phone supports up to 16 GB memory. Just download images, music files, videos and store those in your gallery.
That means if you expand your memory up to 16 GB the total memory would be 34 GB. Doesn’t it look great?

5.0 megapixel digital camera is another attractive feature

5.0 Megapixel Digital Camera is Another Attractive Feature

Standby Time:

It includes 3.7 V 1000mAh Lithium ION battery that lasts up to 300 hours. You can talk up to 3.8 hours. Though the standby time doesn’t seem that appealing, your phone can still reach a standby time of three or four days without charge.

Besides the internet accessibility of this phone is extraordinarily good. The speed of the connection may boost up to 10 MBPS and it’s undoubtedly amazing. The advanced and newly looked browser is very attracting.

It supports most of the mp3 formats including mp3, wav, aac etc. For listening to songs with high volume, this device is quite perfect as its sound system is notably great. On the other hand its headphone is solely designed for listening to songs with beats and high quality sound.

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