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LG GD510 POP Review- Think Big

LG Electronics, a global leader in consumer electronics, recently unveiled LG GD510 POP cellphone. This cellphone comes with some incredible features. Those who haven’t used a simple touchscreen phone should try this one. The touchscreen feature is just unbelievable, seems like touch talks with this cellphone. LG GD510 POP comes with a giant 3″ display, 3-Megapixel camrea, awesome web browser, integrated full touchscreen interface and many eye catching features. Let’s discover those special features of this phone.

 LG POP delivers a huge hit with an easy-to-use interface

LG POP delivers a huge hit with an easy-to-use interface

Fantastic Display:

LG GD510 POP can be compared as a handy LCD display. It initially comes with a giant 3-inch display. It offers you to touch the screen easily and comfortably. Touch talks with this LG phone. The integrated cellphone just becomes your theater as it offers a giant display. It won’t let you miss your favorite programs, just touch and start watching your favorite programs conveniently. See web pages, see snapped photos, watch videos on you tube, do whatever you want to do with this LG GD510 POP phone. Touch and get your task done.


LG Electronics tried to put Eco Friendly features into this awesome phone that really sounds great. As the world’s climate  is destructively worsening day by day, we  have to do to something to cope with the destructive situation. What if we start it with our cellphones! It’s really a great thing to do. This phone is equipped with a Solar-cell powered battery cover charges by which  the phone can get extra  power from the sun. Besides, a  beeping alert indicating a full charge helps to conserve energy.

Its Packaging is made from recycled paper from soy ink printing

Its Packaging is made from recycled paper from soy ink printing


LG GD510 POP offers you to snap your wonderful moments with the integrated 3.0- Megapixel camera. However, we know that the photo quality of a camera phone depends mostly on the photo resolution. In this aspect, this phone just rocks as it offers you to capture 2048×1537 resolution photos without pixilation that is quite impressive. Just snap great photos with just a single touch and share those with your friends and family.


The batter power of this phone is also praiseworthy. LG GD510 POP offers you to get your cell’s battery charged with the help of the sun. This phone allows its users to talk up to Up to 3.6hrs(2G) at a stress. On the other hand with just one charge this phone can be in stand-By mode up to Up to 360hr(2G). It can easily be inferred that it won’t allow anyone to complain against the charge. This phone is just awesome. Get comfortable.

3MP camera: snap 2048x1537 resolution photos without pixelation

3MP camera: snap 2048x1537 resolution photos without pixelation




Bar phone
RF Band
EDGE Quad-Band (850/900/1800/1900)
Dimension: L x W x D (mm)97.8 x 49.5 x 11.2
Weight with Batt. Standard (g)     n87
Standby Time,Max (hrs)
Up to 360hr(2G)
Talk Time (hrs)
Up to 3.6hrs(2G)
Display240 x 400 (3.0inch TFT)
Advanced Features:
MIDI (poly)
64 poly
Camera Resolution (MP)
External Memory
Micro SD (up to 8GB)

Touch Screen

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