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LG GW 990 Review- Next-Generation Smart Phone

LG Electronics is one of the leading mobile phone manufacturers company, always aimed at bringing superb phones in the market for the ease of the users. LG GW 990 is the latest phone of LG electronics which is yet to be released. The LG GW990 is based on the Intel Moorestown platform and represents a new generation of powerful smartphone. The Linux-based Moblin 2.1 operating system paired with the Moorestown platform provides a highly-responsive rich user interface. For this next generation phone, Intel and LG collaborated to make this phone exceptionally viable. LG phone lovers previously enjoyed the Android platform but this one comes with Intel Moorestown platform that is really exciting.

Style and look comes together in this superb phone

Style and look come together in this superb phone


The display of this sleek phone is quite astounding. This smart phone comes with a 4.8-inch full touchscreen display with a 2.13:1 aspect ratio offers a compelling mobile viewing experience. And also the giant display runs at a resolution of 1024 x 480 pixels that sound great. This phone is perhaps a real and exact alternative of an LCD monitor or PDA. You can still enjoy the high quality movies, photos, streaming videos wherever you are.

Real Internet:

Well, have you ever enjoyed real internet services from your cellphone? The answer will definitely be “No”. LG GW 990 focus on developing the web interface features. This superb phone comes with 4G technology for faster internet service. Nevertheless, in today’s cellphone market, what you will se is that latest phones come with 3G technology. However, 3G boosts your internet speed but 4G is the latest version of 4G, totally dedicated to boost the connectivity.  use the HTML web browser comfortably wherever you are. Just a single touch matters.

Camera and Video:

LG GW 990 is equipped with a 5.0- Megapixel camera that lets you capture your memories. This superb phone offers you to capture images with high quality resolution. However, the resolution of this camera is too high that it can really be compared with a 12-MP digital camera. This exciting phone is a real alternative of a digital camera.  Just take it wherever you go and start capturing your wonderful moments easily.

Touch the high sensitive touchsreen comfortably

Touch the high sensitive touchsreen comfortably

Processor and Operating System:

This awesome phone comes with Intel Moorestown platform and Linux-based Moblin 2.1 operating system. This is the first phone of LG in which LG used a linux based operating system that is quite impressive. This phone is 10 times more faster than any other phone especially for the operating system. Enjoy the fastest service that you have ever used.


Detailed specifications aren’t still published yet by LG. But here is a bit information:

The fastest phone possessing Linux based operating system

The fastest phone possessing Linux based operating system

Network GSM 850 MHz / 900 MHz / 1800 MHz / 1900 MHz
3G Network Yes
Design Candybar
Touchscreen Yes
MP3 Music Player Yes
Digital Camera Yes. 5.0 Megapixel
Battery Type Lithium Ion 1850 mAh

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