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Motorola A45 ECO Review- Vibrant and Stylish

Motorola A45 ECO is one of the most vibrant and stylish phones of Motorola. This fabulous phone is simple, easy-to-use and nice. It came up with an affordable price that undoubtedly opened an era. This phone has just paved the way of those who have been wanting a low-price but outstanding phone. This sleek phone’s special features are so special that everyone just becomes special with the touch of this superb phone. The ergonomic design, attractive looks, intuitive features are just impressive. Let’s have a look on the attractive features of this brilliant phone.

The extraordinary style and look just rocks
The extraordinary style and look just rocks

Slide-Out QWERTY Keyboard:

This superb sliding phone  comes with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard that is totally amazing. This integrated slide-out keyboard gives you the ultimate freedom to write anything comfortably. The buttons of the keyboard are well structured and also the layout of the keyboard is smartly organized. Whatever you want to write with this sleek phone, just slide and start writing. I found it as if i had been writing in a PC keyboard! Enjoy the freedom of writing.

Sophisticated Display:

This ECO friendly phone is just bewildering. This simple easy-to-use phone comes with a 2.5-inch display with the stunning resolution 320 x 240 pixels that is rally awesome. Besides, you can personalize the home page with your favorite applications. To get connected with the social networking sites easily, you ay add the quick access option on the home page. The looks and high quality resolution make this phone attractive.

Write fast and comfortably with the QWERTY euipped keypad
Write fast and comfortably with the QWERTY euipped keypad

Surfing Over The Internet:

It’s really a weird thing to surf on the internet with the help of a cellular phone as most of the devices are not fast enough to browse. But this tiny phone lets you surf on the internet comfortably with the help of built-in browser which is fast enough to satisfy you. This super phone also includes WAP 2.0/xHTML, HTML. No matter whether you want to go to a web or wap site. Just write and go. Life is faster with the fastest phone.


Although this phone is very simple and somewhat tiny, this phone gives you the most amazing thing. It offers you to talk up to 8 hours and 30 minutes that is just rocking.This fantastic phone is included an advanced Standard battery, Li-Ion 930 mAh (BN60) that meets your demand ans expectation. After one charge the phone can be in stand-by up to 350 hours. So, just enjoy this cutie tiny phone’s amazing features.

Capture with the integrated 2 MP camera

Capture with the integrated 2 MP camera

Detailed Specifications:

GSM 850/900/1800/1900
Class 1.5, Version 2.0
Built-in Memory7
Up to 32MB
2.0 megapixel camera
Micro USB
2.5″, 320×240 pixels
Landscape Orientation
65k TFT
Email Support1
Form Factor
FM Radio
Music Player
Other Features
3.5mm headset jack
Up to 1500 contacts
Removable Memory
MicroSD up to 32GB
Standby Time2
Up to 200 hours (8.3 days)
Talk Time2
Up to 500 minutes
3.88oz (110g)

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