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Nokia 3710 Fold Review-Low Cost 3G Phone

Nokia 3710 Fold is a recent-release phone of Nokia. Nokia, a giant mobile phone manufacturers in this world, always aimed at bringing some newer and stylish phone in the market. However, the style, look, cover, design everything of this brilliant phone are so dashing that millions of people around the world could not help buying this awesome phone. Nokia 3710 Fold is very simple but stylish, helps express your personality as well. It includes 3.2- Megapixel camera, Music player, Quick access bar and many exciting features. Let’s have a look on the attractive features of this super phone.

Nokia 3710 Fold looks great and compact

Nokia 3710 Fold looks great and compact

Cute and Compact:

Nokia 3710 Fold looks really great. This phone is simply best. It comes with a bright and crystal 2.2 inches display with the stunning resolution 320 x 240 pixels (QVGA) that sounds great. It lets you see everything clearly. Everything becomes colorful with this fabulous phone as it offers you millions of different colors. It has two displays, inner and outer. The outer display helps you see anything instantly without opening it. The outer display comes with a 1.36 inches display which offers you 160 x 128 pixels of resolutions that is simply the best. It is easy-to-hold and it looks very cute and compact.


This extraordinary phone offers you catch your moments at anytime. It includes a super 3.2-Megapixel camera with attracting photo resolution, lets you snap your moments sharply and clearly. It also includes 4x digital zoom, Full Focus, LED flash, Hidden camera icon in NaviTM Key, Landscape (horizontal) orientation and Photo editor on device mainly. To get the real snapping experience it is equipped with an auto flash that lets you snap your fabulous moments day or nigh. With the help of photo editor, edit and add funny clips. Just take and snap comfortably and sharply.

Share snaps directly from your phone at home or at holiday.

Share snaps directly from your phone at home or at holiday.

Easy To Share:

This cute phone lets you share your photos and videos easily by the means of MMS, Bluetooth and internet. It’s really not a mater to share your moments  while you are at your home or holiday. It lets you share your moments over the quick internet. Upload directly to to online ovi share and start sharing and having fun with your friends, family and colleagues. Sharing is very easy and free. Share and get comfortable.

Audio Playback:

Nokia 3710 offers you listen your favorite tracks easily. The built-in music player lets you manage your tracks, create new playlists and organize playlists comfortably. The music player supports all types of formats including MP3 music files, Midi, AAC, AAC+, enhanced AAC+ and WMA. It also lets you listen streaming music files. Just go to your favorite sites and start listening live music by the means of streaming capability. It makes your holiday meaningful. Just plug in the 2.5 mm earphone and start enjoying your journey.

See who is calling on the hidden cover display

See who is calling on the hidden cover display



  • Form: Fold
  • Dimensions: 89 x 47 x 15.2 mm
  • Weight: 94 g
  • Volume: 54 cc
  • Handy and compact size
  • Easy to open
  • Rounded edges make it comfortable to hold
  • Optimal display angle

Display and 3D

  • Main display
    - Size: 2.2″
    - Resolution: 320 x 240 pixels (QVGA)
    - Up to 16.7 million colours
    - TFT
  • Secondary display
    - Size: 1.36″
    - Resolution: 160 x 128 pixels
    - Black/White
    - TFT
  • Hidden cover secondary display
    - the display is activated when a call or message is received, and when the   volume key is pressed

Keys and input method

  • Numeric keypad
  • Dedicated volume keys
  • Hidden cover camera icon on NaviTM Key
  • Large keys – easy to use

Colours and covers

  • Available in-box colours:
    - Plum
    - Pink
    - Black


  • MicroUSB connector
  • 2.5 mm audio connector
  • DC Charging connector


  • MicroSD memory card slot, up to 8 GB
  • Up to 70 MB free user memory


  • Battery BL-4S
  • Talk time:
    - GSM up to 4 h
    - WCDMA up to 3 h

Environmental features

  • Energy efficiency:
    - Unplug charger reminder
    - High Efficiency Charger AC-8
  • Eco content and services via Ovi Store
    - Eco zone via Ovi Store
  • Materials:
    - free from PVC
    - free from nickel on the product surface
  • Recycling: Device is up to 80% recyclable
  • Packaging:
    - up to 60% recycled material
    - reduced compact package size

Operating frequency

  • Quad-band GSM 850/900/1800/1900
  • WCDMA 850/1900/2100 or WCDMA 900/1700 2100/1700
  • Automatic switching between GSM bands
  • Flight mode

Data network

  • GPRS multislot class 32
  • EGPRS multislot class 32
  • WCDMA up to 384 kbit/s UL/DL, Power class 3
  • TCP/IP support
  • Capability to serve as data modem

Local connectivity and synchronisation

  • Bluetooth version 2.1 with Enhanced Data Rate
  • MTP (Mobile Transfer Protocol) support
  • Support for PC synchronisation with Nokia PC Suite

Call features

  • Integrated hands-free speakerphone
  • Number screening for messaging and calls
  • Automatic answer with headset or car kit
  • Any key answer
  • Call waiting, call hold, call divert
  • Call timer
  • Missed call/message indicator light in hinge
  • Automatic redial
  • Speed dialling
  • Voice dialling
  • Fixed dialling number support
  • Vibrating alert (internal)
  • Side volume keys
  • Mute/unmute
  • Contacts with images
  • Conference calling with up to 10 participants
  • Video calling


  • SMS
  • Speed dialling for SMS sending
  • List of recently used numbers in message editor
  • Multiple SMS deletion
  • EMS picture messaging (receive only)
  • MMS 1.3, message size up to 600 kb
  • Automatic resizing of images for MMS
  • Audio messaging
  • Common inbox for SMS and MMS messages
  • Number screening for messaging
  • Distribution lists for messaging
  • Instant Messaging with Presence
  • Cell broadcast


  • Supported protocols: IMAP, POP, SMTP
  • Support for e-mail attachments
  • IMAP IDLE support
  • OMA e-mail notification

Web browsing

  • Supported mark-up languages: HTML, XHTML, WML
  • Supported protocols: WAP, HTTP, HTTPS
  • TCP/IP support
  • OSS Browser (Webkit 413)
    - JavaScript 1.1, DOM Level 2, Ajax
    - ECMAScript support
    - CSS support
    - Smart rendering support
  • Web search

GPS and navigation

  • Integrated A-GPS
  • Nokia Maps application


  • 3.2 megapixel camera
  • Image formats: JPEG, Exif
  • 4x digital zoom
  • Full Focus
  • LED flash
  • Flash modes: on, off, auto
  • Flash operating range: 1 m
  • White balance modes: auto white balance, daylight, incandescent, fluorescent
  • Capture modes: still, self-timer, video
  • Scene modes: portrait, landscape
  • Colour tone modes: normal, sepia, negative, false colours, greyscale, solarise
  • Full-screen viewfinder
  • Hidden camera icon in NaviTM Key
  • Side volume keys work as zoom keys when camera is active
  • Landscape (horizontal) orientation
  • Photo editor on device
  • Photo gallery:
    - view and sort images
    - thumbnail image viewing
    - pictures are organised automatically on a timeline
    - easy creation of albums
    - portrait and landscape viewing with auto-rotation
    - slideshow
    - easy picture editing e.g. rotation, cropping, adding effects like clipart, frames and text
    - Easy photo sharing direct from phone via MMS, Email, and Ovi Share


  • Main camera
  • Up to 4x digital video zoom
  • Front camera
  • Video recording file formats: .3gp
  • Audio recording formats: AMR
  • Automatic video white balance: auto white balance, daylight, incandescent, fluorescent
  • Colour tone modes: Normal, False Colours, Greyscale, Sepia, Negative, Solarise
  • Multimedia Player
  • Video playback file formats: MP4, 3GPP, AVI, ASF; Codecs: H.263, H.264, MPEG-4 SP, VC-1 (WMV9) SP, VC-1 (WMV9) MP
  • Video streaming: .3gp, .mp4, formats are supported, .rm is supported and can be added
  • Landscape mode video playback
  • Video calling (2 way)
  • Video ring tones

Music and audio playback

  • Music player
  • Music playback file formats: MP3 music files, Midi, AAC, AAC+, enhanced AAC+, WMA
  • Audio Streaming
  • Dedicated volume keys
  • Stereo FM radio
  • Radio as alarm clock (with headset)
  • 2.5 mm Nokia audio connector
  • Support for MP3 and AAC ringing tones, True tones and MIDI ringing

Voice and audio recording

  • Voice dialling
  • Voice recorder
  • Audio recording formats: AMR
  • NB-AMR (Narrow Band-Adaptive Multirate)
  • EFR (Enhanced Full Rate)
  • FR (Full Rate)
  • HR (Half Rate)
  • WCDMA not supported
  • Digital mono microphone

Personalisation: profiles, themes, ring tones

  • Customizable profiles
  • Support for MP3 ringing tones, True tones and MIDI ringing,
  • Video ring tones
  • Colour matched theme with 3 to 4 additional theme options (different themes in different areas)

Software platform and user interface

  • Series 40 version 9.1
  • Active standby
  • FOTA (Firmware update Over The Air)

Personal information management (PIM): contacts, clock, calendar etc.

  • Storage of up to 2000 contacts
  • Advanced contacts database: multiple number and e-mail details per contact, contacts with images
  • Support for assigning images to contacts
  • Support for contact groups
  • Closed user group support – preset
  • Fixed Dialling Number support
  • Clock; analogue and digital in secondary display; digital in main display
  • Stopwatch
  • Countdown timer
  • Alarm clock
  • Reminders
  • Calculator
  • Calendar with Month, Week and Day views; up to 2000 entries
  • Converter II
  • Active Notes
  • To-do list
  • PIM information viewable during call


  • MIDP 2.1 JavaTM pre-installed games and applications
  • Flash Lite 2.0
  • Instant Messaging with Presence
  • OSS Browser


  • Pre-installed JavaTM games

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