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Samsung Intrepid(SPH-i350) Review- Your Total Business Solution

Samsung electronics is always committed to give the best services and opportunities to it’s clients. Recently Samsung Electronics unveiled a super phone Samsung Intrepid, targets almost all types of users especially business professionals who need to be connected with their clients in every sphere of life. This phone has everything , you need to keep business humming. Most of the time, You need to write some some important word. excel or power point documents. In regard to this aspect it includes word, excel, power point, QWERTY keyboard, large display and thousands of applications. Let’s have a look on the exciting features of it.

The exciting new look is attractive

The exciting new look is attractive


The display of this phone is touch sensitive and it has a 2.55-inch large display with the resolution 320 x 240-pixel that is really astounding. With this large and crystal display, enjoy working comfortably. It offers you to create your office document soothingly as it has a giant display. Watch streaming videos, videos, photos clearly with the giant display. I t just colors your life.

Camera and Camcorder:

As we can see that most of the devices, solely developed for business use, have unbelievably lower camera resolution. But in this aspect, this brilliant phone comes with an integrated 3.2- Megapixel camera. Just capture your important images, places, clients’ photos soothingly with this superb phone.

On the other hand the video recording quality of this phone is totally dumbfounding. It offers you to record videos in MPEG format, crystal and clear videos which you can share easily with your colleagues, friends easily. Enjoy the photo and video quality.

Equipped with Word, excel, power point for your business purposes

Equipped with Word, excel, power point for your business purposes


Well music is one of the most expected features that every business user look for. After a hard day at your office, you would probably want your mind cheerful. This sleek phone gives you the opportunity to listen to your favorite tracks. It supports almost all Mp3 formats including mp3,wav, aac, wma etc. So just soothe your mind after a long office hour.


As a business user, you need to be connected with the internet. In this aspect, Sansung electronics just put an exciting thing for easy and fast browsing. It is incorporated with Internet Explorer mobile. The mobile version just gives you the real internet speed. this browser helps boost your data connectivity. Besides, for your quick contact to your co-workers or clients, it embodies an instant messenger. So just enjoy the real internet service.


Platform Operating System CDMA/EVDO Rev A 800/1900 mHz

The Java programming language (® Sun Microsystems, Inc.)
Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional
SAR value

SAR value
Specific Absorption Rate value
3.2 ounces
Size Dimension (HXWXD) 2.44″ x 4.88″ x .53″
Display Internal Technology Touch sensitive LCD display

A measure of graphics on a display device
External Technology active screen
Size 2.55″
Battery Standard Talk time

Talk time
The length of time that caller can talk with their cell phone without recharging the battery
up to 6 hours
Long Life Talk time

Talk time
The length of time that caller can talk with their cell phone without recharging the battery
up to 8 hours
User Interface Input Device

Input Device
A hardware mechanism that transforms information to the external world.
Camera Camera Resolution

Camera Resolution
A measure of how closely packed the dots in a bitmapped image are
3.2 Megapixel Camera and Camcorder
Video Video player

A type of media player that shows video files.
(MPEG4, H.263, H.264, WMV)
Video messaging

Set of interactive telecommunication technologies

Enjoy typing with the full QWERTY keyboard

Enjoy typing with the full QWERTY keyboard

Music & Sound Music Player

Stores, organizes and plays digital music files.
Poly Ringtones

A tone-based ringtone for incoming calls which plays more complex music than a monophonic tone.
72-Note Polyphonic
MP3 Ringtone

A mp3 file can be used as a ringtone for incoming calls.
MP3 Ringtones
Music Library

Stores music files for the use for media production.
Fun & Entertainment Embedded JAVA™ Games

Embedding object-oriented programming game played
JAVA™ Download

Download application based on JAVA programming
Business & Office Document Viewer

Allows users to view documents on their device.
Document view (powerpoint)
Voice memo & Voice mail

Voice Memo records and stores simple voice message. Voice Mail is an e-mail system that is recorded by voice.
Voice Memo
Messaging Email

Enables messages to be transferred from an individual to another individual or from an individual to a group of people.
work & personal email enabled

Instant Messaging

A form of real-time communication between two or more people based on typed text
Connectivity Bluetooth

A short-range wireless radio technology that allows electronic devices to connect to one another.

A type of plug-in connection that is used to connect devices
usb sync cable
Internet HTML

Internet HTML Browser
The authoring language used to create documents on the World Wide Web.

Wireless local area networks that describes the generic wireless interface of mobile computing devices.
Memory User Memory

Portion of system memory in which user processes run.
Personal Information Management Calendar

A schedule management function.

An operating system that allows users to store scheduling and event information.
Clock yes

An application displaying the local time in the any time zone around the world.

A function that alerts a user with beeps at pre-set time(s).

Translate some languages with voice recognition.

An in-phone calculator which performs addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
Stop watch

A feature that measures time intervals.
Call functions Voice Recongnition

Converts an audio format into a text format
Dialled/missed/received calls

Logging a kind of calls.
Further Information Touch Screen

Allows user to interact with the computer by touching pictures or words on the screen.

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