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Samsung Mythic Review-Seeing is Believing

Samsung Corporation is always trying to make some amazing cellphones  to amaze cellphone users around the world. Samsung Mythic is a latest cellphone of Samsung mobile Corporation, exclusively comes through AT&T, offering you most comprehensive and exceptional features that you could hardly believe. This is the phone that you have been dreaming for. This phone includes giant 3.3 inches touchscreen display that is really great. Let’s dive into the sea of Mythic to discover it.

Top it off with a 3.2 MP camera and camcorder to capture your memories

Top it off with a 3.2 MP camera and camcorder to capture your memories


Samsung Mythic phone is a bit confusing  because of its gigantic display. Sometimes, it may seem that it’s just a high resolution LCD monitor. Some people think so, so do i.This brilliant phone comes with a gigantic 3.3-inch display, offers you to see everything with high resolution. The resolution of this high-class phone is 360 x 640 pixels that is quite astounding. However, this Mythic phone weighs at about 108 grams, just lets you put it into your pocket. Enjoy watching TV, Surfing on the Internet and talking to friends as well.

Superb Widgets:

Searching your favorite applications or programs is really weird. What if you can access tour applications easily? Well, this extraordinary phone lets you organize your favorite applications right to your home screen with the help of widget. You want quick access to social networking sites, internet, email, camera, You tube, weather update etc. Add your dearest applications on the widget to access quickly. Just touch gently and see the magical thing of this Mythic phone.

With the Mythic’s TouchWiz interface, your favorite sites are always just one touch away

With the Mythic’s TouchWiz interface, your favorite sites are always just one touch away

Social Networking Applications:

Well, nowadays social networking sites have become a part and parcel of our lives. It’s like taking air for our breathing. This smart phone lets you get connected with your friends with just a one touch. Popular social networking sites i.e facebook and myspace are placed on your cellphone’s homescreen  for the ease and flexibility. You are never gonna miss you friends, No matter wherever you are, just touch and sive into the sea of chat, Share your moments instantly and upload your videos comfortably and swiftly.

Camera and Video:

Well, this fantastic digital camera lets you snap you every moment pleasantly. What am i talking about! Is that a phone or digital camera? Anyway, this camera is often compared as a digital camera. THis phone comes with a dynamic 3.2-Megapixel camera. Users around the world often comment that this phone’s camera resolution is quite stunning. This phone offers you  high quality resolution to snap your photos transparently. It also embodies auto flash, LED, auto focus and digital zoom.

However, recording momentous moment of our lives is as important as snapping still photos. In this regard this Mythic phone lets you record high quality videos. Record transparent and crystal videos with just a touch. Enjoy snapping as well as recording.

Detailed Specifications:

Platform Operating System GSM 850/900/1900

The Java programming language (® Sun Microsystems, Inc.)
SAR Value

Specific Absorption Rate value
3.8 oz.
Size Dimension (HXWXD) 4.49″ x 2.06″ x 0.5″
Display Internal Technology 360TST 262k color
External Size 3.3″
Battery Standard Talktime

The length of time that caller can talk with their cell phone without recharging the battery
up to 3 hours

Status of operation of equipment that is ready for use but not in use
up to 10.5 days
User Interface Input Device

A hardware mechanism that transforms information to the external world.


The Samsung Mythic grants you direct access to your favorite community sites – like Facebook and MySpace

The Samsung Mythic grants you direct access to your favorite community sites – like Facebook and MySpace

Camera Camera Resolution

A measure of how closely packed the dots in a bitmapped image are
3.2 Megapixel Camera
Video Video Streaming

Capable of displaying video contents.
Music & Sound Music Player

Stores, organizes and plays digital music files.
Poly Ringtones

A tone-based ringtone for incoming calls which plays more complex music than a monophonic tone.
72 Note Polyphonic Music Tones
Mp3 Ringtones

A mp3 file can be used as a ringtone for incoming calls.
MP3 Music Tones
Music Library

Stores music files for the use for media production.
Fun & Entertainment Embedded Java Games

Embedding object-oriented programming game played
Java Download

Download application based on JAVA programming
Embedded Wallpaper

Wallpaper built in Mobile Phone as a default Image
Mobile TV

DMB- or DVB-H-receivers in mobile phones allow the mobile user to receive TV-programmes in high quality
Business & Office Voice Memo and Voice Mail

Voice Memo records and stores simple voice message. Voice Mail is an e-mail system that is recorded by voice.
Messaging Email

Enables messages to be transferred from an individual to another individual or from an individual to a group of people.
Mobile Email
Connectivity Bluetooth

A short-range wireless radio technology that allows electronic devices to connect to one another.

A type of plug-in connection that is used to connect devices

hook up to a Television’s VIDEO IN signal so that you can view the display on a TV monitor
Memory Phone Book Entries

Short pieces of writing in a phone book
2000 Alphanumeric Entries / up to 250 additional names/ nunbers
External Memories

The permanent storage of large quantities of data.
32 GB micrdSD card
Call functions Speakerphone

A telephone with a microphone and loudspeaker
Call cost/ Call Time

Call Cost is the cost of individual calls made on a phone service.

One-to-a-few communication service
Dialed/Missed/Received calls

Logging a kind of calls.
Further Information Touchscreen

Allows user to interact with the computer by touching pictures or words on the screen.

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