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With over two decades of experience, Cellphones Talk is composed of tech experts who believe that quality products can still be affordable. We are proud that only a handful of companies are doing what we do. Cellphones Talk offers a well of information for people who wish to get all the pros and cons of acquiring a new mobile device and those who would like to learn more ways to maintain a gadget they own.

Our staff constantly searches the Internet for the most advanced Android news, dispensing ideas, tips, tricks, tutorials, videos, and analyzing devices, applications, and games.

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Our mission 

We do not aim to help our readers find the right smartphone simply. Instead, we aim to enrich our readers' lives to make their everyday life more profound. 

Our Vision

We are not just a tech blog site that provides its readers with a steady stream of headlines. Instead, Cellphones Talk is a place for tech lovers who communicate with each other and talk about topics of interest. We aim to champion a healthy, close-knit community. 

Cellphones Talk would not be where it is today without our readers, for it is for them that Cellphones Talk lives on. Should you need to contact our team for any topic request, please refer to our Contact Us page.

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