Our Team

Francis Spier

If badge numbers were used in Cellphones Talk, Francis would be employee number 1. Since the inception of Cellphones Talk Francis has supervised the day-to-day activities and direction of the site, and has reviewed hundreds, if not thousands of gadgets throughout his career.
Francis Spier

Donald Atkins

Managing Editor
Currently the tenured member of the team along with Francis, Donald provides weekly reviews and content of the current tech trends, especially with smartphones. He has also been effective in helping foster ties with PR firms, brands, and tech giants when it comes to review opportunities.
Donald Atkins


Senior Editor
A valuable and consistent member of the Cellphones Talk team, Matthew is our go-to guy when it comes to critical viewpoint on optical technologies and photography.
Matthew Rembert


Senior Staff
For more than five years Cellphones Talk has relied on Dayna's expertise on matters such as digital security, app reviews, tech accessories such as earbuds and smart watches.
Dayna Marasco


Head of Social Media
We’ve come to appreciate Kimberly's capacity to actively oversee news content as well as her enrichment on relevant technological writings.
Kimberly Watson
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