Best Earbuds Of The Year 2022

By Matthew RembertSeptember 10, 2022

These days, it's difficult to purchase a subpar set of wireless earphones. Since the early days of truly wireless earbuds, when we had to put up with subpar sound quality and erratic performance for the purpose of doing away with cables, the market has advanced significantly. Today, things are very different. 

Companies like Sony, Apple, Samsung, and others are delivering their most remarkable earbuds yet after several product generations and lessons learned. If you're prepared to pay a lot of money, you can get incredible noise cancellation and sound quality in the top tier of earbuds. However, those aren't necessarily the most crucial factors for everyone. 

Perhaps you're searching for the ideal fitness earphones or a set that can be used for Zoom calls as well as for listening to your favorite podcasts and songs. Another thing to keep in mind as you compare shops is that tech companies are increasingly designing their earphones to work best with their own goods through exclusive features and functionality.

Sony WF-1000XM4.

The Sony WF-1000XM4 is the greatest wireless earbuds overall, despite their high price. They provide outstanding active noise cancellation and wonderful, warm, rich sound quality. Additionally, with noise cancellation enabled, their remarkable battery life can last up to eight hours, outlasting all of Sony's top rivals.

The premium matte black (or light grey) WF-1000XM4s with chic rose gold embellishments. The majority of earbuds have the typical silicone ear tips that most people are used to, but Sony includes foam-style tips that expand in your ears to form a tight seal that, when combined with noise cancellation, do a good job of muting outside sounds.

Sony's LDAC codec is supported by the 1000XM4s on Android phones for higher-quality music listening. However, even when used with other platforms, they offer far greater noise canceling and are on par with the top audio-focused premium earbuds, such as Sennheiser's Momentum True Wireless 2.

The absence of multipoint/dual simultaneous Bluetooth connections on the 1000XM4 is the one flaw in this ideal pair of wireless earbuds. In comparison to some of the rivals, they are also rather larger. However, you can't do much better with their best-in-class combination of features (including extras like 360 Reality Audio compatibility), increased voice call performance, and remarkable battery longevity.

Jabra Elite 3

When all you need are the basics, Jabra's Elite 3 earphones manage to stand out from the crowded pack of under-$100 rivals. Although they might emphasize the bass a little, their overall sound balance and clarity are excellent for this price range.

The Elite 3 earphones from Jabra have a new look that is more fashionable than the brand's previous models. They don't have many gimmicks or extra functions, but they excel in the crucial aspects of comfort, battery life, and sound quality.

The earbuds can play music continuously for up to seven hours, and the little case can contain three more charges. The earphones are rated IP55 for dust and water resistance, and their large tactile buttons are simple to use.

The primary trade-off for the price with the Elite 3s is the absence of Jabra's renowned multipoint capability. However, this is an upgrade over earlier models in that each earbud may be used independently in mono mode. 

Additionally, they are really cozy to wear for extended periods of time. The Elite 3s function dependably with a solid Bluetooth signal despite lacking features like active noise reduction and wireless charging (though Jabra does add a mediocre transparency mode). The value they offer is excellent.

Bose's QuietComfort Earbuds

When it comes to active noise cancellation performance, Bose's QuietComfort Earbuds are on par with Sony's, if not slightly superior. The QC Earbuds feature a fit and finish that screams quality, just like its primary rival.

The Bose QuietComfort Earbuds are a great choice if you want to listen to your music in peace because they have a dynamic, rich sound and the greatest noise cancellation available in truly wireless earbuds.

You may adjust the noise reduction to the ideal level for your surroundings with the Bose mobile app. Although its charging cover is somewhat bulky, wireless charging is supported. Another benefit in exchange for the QC Earbuds' high price is that they handle voice calls better than most.

Powerbeats Pro

The Powerbeats Pro, the long-reigning champion of exercise earbuds, has finally fallen. And as it should be, Beats' most recent earphones have outperformed them. In place of the Powerbeats' ear hooks, the Beats Fit Pro's unique wing tip design holds the headphones firmly in place throughout even the most strenuous workouts. 

These earphones are consequently a lot smaller in size, and their carrying bag is thankfully much more manageable. You also won't have to worry about one or both of the earbuds failing to charge in the case, which was a common complaint with the Powerbeats Pro, thanks to the way these earbuds magnetically attach to the case. 

The Fit Pro headphones provide active noise cancellation, unlike the Powerbeats Pro. You may work out without being interrupted because they are comparable to the AirPods Pro in that regard. The transparency mode on the AirPod Pros is just as crisp and natural-sounding when you do want to be aware of your surroundings.

The integrated wing tips on the Beats Fit Pro earphones help keep them in place while exercising and running. Their sound offers the ideal amount of bass and kick to keep you motivated, and they also have superb noise cancellation.

The earphones' water resistance rating is IPX4. That may not be as durable as some other fitness-oriented buds, but it should be enough to withstand perspiration and outdoor runs in a variety of weather. The Fit Pros include simple physical button controls, and while they lack the Powerbeats Pro's dedicated volume rocker, you can remap a long press of each earbud to change the level instead of switching the noise canceling.

The Fit Pros come with exclusive Apple capabilities for iPhone users, like dynamic head tracking for spatial audio, automatic device switching, Find My integration, and more. Beats has an app for Android users that, among other things, allows you to change settings and check the earbuds' and case's battery life.

Apple Airpods Pro

The AirPods Pro provides an alluring blend of potent noise cancellation, adequate sound quality, and a variety of features that make them the ideal complement to Apple's other products for people who have invested in the company's ecosystem. Additionally, these are the first AirPods that have ear tips in several sizes for a customized fit.

The wireless charging capabilities of the AirPods Pro's little case are supported. Holding the open case close to your iPhone is all it takes to set them up. The earbuds are comfortable in most ears and low in weight. They are among the best wireless earbuds for voice calls, and its force sensor pinch controls are simple to master.

The transparency mode practically gives the impression that you are not wearing earbuds at all, even if their ANC can't beat Bose or Sony's in terms of noise cancellation. The Apple-only capabilities of the AirPods, including as head tracking for spatial music, effortless pairing with all of your Apple iCloud devices, auto device switching, extended Find My support, and others, are what make them stand out. 

The AirPods can be used for private listening if you have an Apple TV and need to keep the house quiet in the living room or bedroom. They also offer audio sharing. Although the AirPods Pro are rather average in terms of other factors like the sound quality and battery life, their close connection to Apple's ecosystem is enough to warrant serious consideration.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

Because Samsung's Galaxy Buds 2 are so excellent, there isn't much justification for spending more money on the Galaxy Buds Pro. They have a tiny, understated style that won't protrude from your ears like other buds. Compared to the company's Pro buds, they are more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. And the Buds 2 generates a well-balanced, lively sound that is very similar to the Pros' distinctive sound.

The Galaxy Buds 2 from Samsung are quite pleasant to wear, even for extended periods of time. They offer a beautiful, low-profile design. The earbuds provide wireless charging, active noise cancellation, and good sound quality. If there's a drawback, it's the lower-than-average IPX2 water resistance, which makes them unsuitable for exercise or getting wet. The IPX7 grade of the Buds Pro is less concerning.

Google Pixel Phones

With the Pixel Buds Pro, Google has at last perfected wireless earphones. They vastly improve upon the problematic second-generation Pixel Buds with their remarkable noise reduction, excellent sound, and comfortable fit. The fact that they don't have any of the connectivity problems or audio hiccups that afflicted Google's previous buds is maybe their most crucial feature.

The company's first earphones with active noise canceling are Google's Pixel Buds Pro. The Pixel Buds Pro is Google's best earbuds to date for additional reasons in addition to their amazing sound quality, long battery life, and comfortable design. They also do so without the connection problems of prior models.

Instead, the Pixel Buds Pro offers a consistently high-quality listening experience together with extended battery life. Additionally, they include multipoint Bluetooth capabilities, allowing you to simultaneously pair two devices with Google's flagship earbuds. It's a remarkably useful function that Apple, Bose, Samsung, and Sony still don't offer in their individual earbuds.

Additionally, Google aims to add support for head tracking spatial audio to the Pixel Buds Pro later this year. Pixel phone owners benefit from simpler settings (the Pixel Buds controls are integrated immediately into the original phone settings). Only Pixel devices will support that immersive technique.

Sennheiser's Momentum True Wireless earbuds

Sennheiser's Momentum True Wireless earbuds third generation produce excellent, detailed sound that is superior to almost all rivals. The fact that they are now smaller and more comfortable than earlier models, with a case that now permits wireless charging, makes them even more enjoyable to listen to. 

Although Apple, Sony, and Bose can't compete with active noise cancellation, the MTW3s won't fall short at all if you value-rich, detailed sound.

With a more sophisticated design, even greater sound than before, and compatibility for wireless charging, the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3 is the company's best set of noise-canceling earbuds yet.

These earbuds have optional wing tips, unlike earlier models, to aid in keeping them firmly in your ears. That might be advantageous for jogging or going to the gym. The Momentum True Wireless 3s from Sennheiser support a number of Bluetooth codecs, including AAC, SBC, AptX, and AptX Adaptive, and Sennheiser's mobile app offers extensive EQ tuning.

Apple AirPods

The third-generation AirPods from Apple have a fresh look and shorter stems than the first iteration. However, despite the fact that their microphones are now farther away from your lips, they still work admirably on calls. Furthermore, upgrading to the so-called AirPods 3 is justified due to greater improvements in sound quality and fit/comfort.

The third-generation AirPods from Apple sound far better than the first two generations and feature a redesigned look. Additionally, additional features are added, such as head tracking for spatial audio.

Apple has also added new features that were previously exclusive to the AirPods Pro, like head tracking spatial audio and deeper Find My integration for hunting down your misplaced buds. And the case is now optimized to work with Apple’s MagSafe wireless charging system. 

The AirPods still feature a one-size-fits-most hard plastic form factor, so you’ll want to sample them before buying to be sure they’re the correct match for your ears. But even if they are, they are by far Apple's best standard AirPods to date. The best earbuds for voice calls on Android are Sony's LinkBuds. Chris Welch took the photo for The Verge

Sony Linkbuds

Each of Sony's unusual-looking LinkBuds features a donut hole in the center. This surprisingly cozy design is intended to let in outside noise and keep you always aware of your surroundings. However, it also implies that the LinkBuds won't appeal to everyone, particularly those who want to block out the outside world when listening to music.

The LinkBuds' best quality is outstanding voice call performance, not their odd fit. As a result of Sony reworking its speech isolation algorithms for these earbuds, the LinkBuds have call quality that is far superior to that of the flagship 1000XM4s and almost all rivals, with the exception of AirPods. The LinkBuds are a great option if you want something you can put in your ears throughout the day.

The LinkBuds from Sony is unique in their comfort-focused design and spacious, open sound. They also outperform virtually all rivals when utilized for voice calls. The Hammerhead True Wireless earphones from Razer include eye-catching RGB lighting. 

Razer Hammerhead True Wireless.

For their price, the Hammerhead True Wireless earbuds offer active noise cancellation and respectable sound quality. But it's likely that the low latency gaming option, which reduces response time to 60ms, is just as significant to ardent mobile gamers.

The second-generation Hammerhead True Wireless earbuds from Razer are 24% off and come with the brand's distinctive Chroma RGB lighting, good sound, and respectable noise cancellation for the price.

There is also the Chroma. These Hammerhead True Wireless earbuds offer completely programmable RGB lighting, in contrast to the first-generation model. Although it somewhat reduces battery life, it is an attractive effect. Control remapping and thorough EQ adjustments are both possible via the earphones' mobile app from Razer. 

The Hammerhead True Wireless earbuds have a decent transparency mode and an average battery life, but if you love Razer hardware, you can now flaunt the company's logo while playing your favorite mobile games at the coffee shop. Although they have a really cool appearance, the Nothing Ear 1s can be glitchy. 

Nothing Earbuds

There's no doubting that the original Nothing earbuds have a distinctive appearance, even though they occasionally have more bugs than we'd like and provide average noise canceling. When compared to earbuds from more well-known companies, the Ear 1 earbuds stand out thanks to their semi-translucent design and distinctive charging pouch. And at $99, you don't have to spend a fortune to get that extra style. 

Perhaps because of this pricing, it will be simpler to forgive the flaws in Nothing's first set of earphones. The original Nothing earphones include an unusual carrying case and a partially transparent appearance. For the price of less than $100, they also offer amazing sound quality but watch out for bugs. 

UE Fits Best Earbuds

In 60 seconds, they take the form of your ears. That should be sufficient to explain why the UE Fits outperform all other wireless earbuds in terms of getting the fit just right. You won't get any better unless you visit an audiologist and get bespoke IEMs built.

Unique ear tips that permanently conform to the particular shape of your ears in just 60 seconds are included with the UE Fits. This enables a far better fit that you may wear for hours without discomfort.

Ultimate Ears

The Fits, however, are really only worthwhile if you frequently have trouble putting other earbuds in your ears. Give these a shot if you've tried everything else (even attempting memory foam tips). The molding feeling is unlike anything you'll experience with other earbuds; the tips warm up in your ears as they adjust their form.

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