How To Fix Android Phone Apps From Crashing? 

By Francis SpierOctober 18, 2022

Your Android phone is probably not broken, it's just a bit exhausting, so if your apps keep crashing, you can stop worrying and start figuring out how to fix it. 

This is a typical issue with Android apps, but it's easy to repair. First, learn what causes apps to freeze and how to fix the problem. 

You downloaded many apps from Google Play or other sources for your Android device. Usually, these applications perform properly.

However, messenger, camera, Facebook, and Amazon applications may crash or close on Android phones. Your Android phone may display "Unfortunately, Application X has stopped."

Apps may break on iPhones and iPads as well. However, this technique will easily fix the Android app's constantly crashing issue. Here are the causes and solutions. 

Take a few minutes to find out why crashes happen and how to fix android phone apps crashing:

Why Do App Crashes Happen?

The sheer quantity of useful and entertaining apps and games downloaded to Android devices is a major plus. In addition, numerous categories house millions of available free apps. 

Although many apps may be clones of successful apps, there are plenty of high-quality apps available to meet the demands of the vast majority of users.

Hardware and software options abound in the Android ecosystem. While this expands choice, it can be challenging for app developers who must ensure their developed application can run on various hardware and operating systems. 

This means that unlike on iOS, applications for Android occasionally break.

When you consider the wide variety of chipsets, screen resolutions, and custom skins on Android smartphones, you can see how easily apps might become unresponsive or crash.

Memory or chipset issues could be to blame. 

An improperly coded app can also fail to function. Custom skin and themes may also be at blame in some cases.

Now that we have understood why crashes happen let’s take a look into how to stop them

Force Stop Way

If an app crashes for no apparent reason, you can force it to close in the settings and try opening it again. This method also prevents programs from causing a system crash.

To force an application to close, do the following:

  • Hover over the Setting of your smartphone.
  • Select Applications.
  • Choose the Application that you want to stop
  • Tap on Force Stop to toggle it off

Restarting Your Phone

If your Android app keeps crashing, try restarting your device to fix the underlying software problem. After extensive use or interaction with other programs, bugs might make their way into an Android system.

If you want to restart your Android device, tap and hold the Power button until the Restart and Power off options appear. The software on your device will be reset when you restart it, but that might not be enough to fix the problem. 

When you power down your smartphone, it has to continue completely. To completely break all software connections, select Power off and then power on the device again.

It's important to remember that the power button and restart options may look different on your Android device.

Get Rid of Cached Data

Keeping track of your history is a breeze using caching, as apps can recall your actions instantly. But occasionally, the cache stores information that causes the app to crash repeatedly. Further, if you store too much information in your apps, your phone may freeze.

Regularly clearing your app's cache will ensure that your phone continues to function without hiccups. Only the less-critical data that can be removed to speed up the program will be deleted.

You may quickly and effectively clean your cache using an optimization program like Avast Cleanup. For example, you can quickly and easily remove empty folders and duplicate photos that are taking up unnecessary space, and it's completely free. This program also cleans your visible cache, such as temporary app files.

Master Reset App Data

Apps that are used frequently have a higher likelihood of crashing Android because they are utilized more regularly. Resetting the app's data returns it to its factory settings without any of your login information, locations, or preferences. Try clearing the app's data if you find that it frequently causes your Android to crash.

Follow these steps to clear app data on your Android device:

  • First, select the Apps menu from the Settings menu.
  • Hover to the app which you want to reset
  • Tap on Storage.
  • Then, select manage storage option
  • Finally, Tap on ‘clear data’

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