How To Take Android Phone Out Of Safe Mode? 

By Francis SpierOctober 18, 2022

To diagnose and repair issues with your Android device, you can activate a mode called "safe mode," which will prevent any additional software from running. Unfortunately, despite the safe mode's many benefits, it is possible to get caught in diagnostic mode inadvertently. 

By booting into safe mode, you can figure out what's causing your Android device's sluggishness, freezing, or crashing. 

Unfortunately, many helpful Android widgets and third-party apps are disabled when safe mode is activated on even the best Android smartphones.

If everything seems to be running smoothly, the problem often lies with a download from an outside source. Once you've identified the offending app, you can exit safe mode on your Android device and resume normal operation.

To help you troubleshoot your Android device, the device has a "safe mode" option. On the other hand, if you switch Android into safe mode by accident, you won't be able to access any of your widgets or applications. 

If you want to know how to take an android phone out of safe mode, read on for a walkthrough of how to disable it. 

Restarting Your Phone

When our phones are acting up, we always resort to a restart as the first line of defense. Using the power button is also the quickest way to exit safe mode on an Android device.

  • You need to hold down the power button for a few seconds.
  • To restart, choose that option from the menu. It's important to note that certain gadgets just have a "Power Off" button.
  • If your phone supports an automatic restart feature, it will turn on the moment it is turned off. 
  • Attempt to restart your phone by pressing the power button if it hasn't already.

Use Notification Panel

Safe mode can be disabled in the settings menu of some devices. Check to see if this is a feature of your gadget.

  • Bring down the notification panel
  • Select "Safe mode" from the menu and tap it to disable it.

You can access and disable Safe mode anytime by swiping down on your phone if the "Safe mode" button is located in the notifications panel. 

After you turn off safe mode, your device will restart by itself.

Nearly all Samsung phones have this capability (including Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, & S9). Therefore, if you have one, check the notification settings.

Key Combinations

Pressing the power + volume down keys simultaneously activates Safe mode and turns it off again. Pay close attention to the instructions below:

  • Switch Off your smartphone
  • Now, keep on holding the power button until the phone logo appears, then let go of the button.
  • To enter Safe mode, quickly press the Volume Down button and hold it for a few seconds. (It may also turn off the Safe mode on your phone.)
  • Choose to restart normally from the Safe mode menu.

Following the steps mentioned above, your phone will be easily taken off from safe mode.

Factory Data Reset

In case you're trying to find a way to disable safe mode on your Android smartphone.

We're not there yet, and this isn't it by a long shot. 

On the other hand, if you find yourself having to disable safe mode regularly, a factory reset of your device may be the best course of action.

For starters, a factory reset will wipe your phone's memory and return it to its original settings. Please save all your work and listen carefully, but first, make sure you have a recent backup.

Ensure you have all the above methods before resorting to a complete phone reset.

Accessible via the Android device's configuration menu:

  • Go to Settings on your Android phone.
  • Se
  • lect "Backup and Reset" from the main menu.
  • You can delete all user data or choose "Factory data reset."
  • Select the option to factory reset the phone. After selecting the reset button, the device will restart.

Or if you want to reset your phone from the Safe Mode directly, then you might have to opt for a different way:

  • Enter the "Safe" mode of your android device.
  • Hit the power button and hold it for a while.
  • Simultaneously, press the Volume Up key and let go of the power button.
  • Then Press the Volume Down key until the Wipe Data/Factory Reset option appears. 
  • Then, choose the Power button by tapping on it.
  • Finally, choose to Restart your phone now.

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