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By Francis SpierJune 6, 2022

After compiling a list of the most overrated phone features that buyers may fall for when purchasing a new handset in 2022, I deemed it only fair to provide an alternative perspective.

So, today we'll go over a list of phone features that may fly under the radar but can significantly impact your immediate and long-term satisfaction with your brand-new smartphone.

I will explain why zoom cameras are superior, why software updates are more essential than having the most powerful CPU, why your phone's charging speed may transform your life, and how a smaller phone can alleviate wrist strain.

Who else would you trust for medical advice? A doctor?! Do not be an idiot.

The most undervalued smartphone capabilities in 2022: What to consider before purchasing a new iPhone or Android

Support and optimization of software

Although it may appear that having a strong CPU and 12GB of RAM is sufficient for excellent performance, this is not the case. It is not a surprise that major players such as Apple and Samsung pay special attention to software upgrades, which help maintain phones feeling new, speedy, and simply... useful over time.

I would not even contemplate or suggest a smartphone with less than three years of software support at this time. People will keep their phones longer in 2022, making software support more vital than ever.

Apple is now in the lead with 5-6 years of software upgrades for new iPhones, followed by Samsung with 4 years of updates for the Galaxy S, Z, and select A series phones. OnePlus and Xiaomi both provide three years of software support, which is adequate but not ideal.

The most undervalued smartphone capabilities in 2022: What to consider before purchasing a new iPhone or Android

Google is the most disappointing aspect of this article. As with OnePlus and Xiaomi, Android's father/mother offers just three years of software upgrades for the Pixel 6 series. This is odd because Google... manufactures Android.

There is no assurance that Sundar Pichai and the company will prolong software support for the Pixel 6 until the Pixel 7 is introduced to match Samsung's four years of upgrades. However, it absolutely should...

Even inexpensive and mid-range smartphones, such as the Galaxy A33 (3 years) and Galaxy A53 (4 years), now offer prolonged software maintenance, so Google has no excuse. Also, you have no reason not to select a gadget that will last as long as possible and keep as fresh as possible; they are now inexpensive!

Management of heat and RAM for improved sustained performance

Again… Although it's great to have a strong Qualcomm or Apple chip, CPUs emit heat. And if heat isn't properly managed, it might result in throttled performance, where your phone isn't maximizing the horsepower available.

Apple excels in heat management. However, some Qualcomm processors are prone to overheating, which is likely why Samsung and Xiaomi have "taken matters into their own hands" and slowed down specific apps and functions before their flagship phones overheated.

Regarding RAM, while more is better and more is better, this does not imply that all of the memory is utilized effectively. iPhone and iOS often make the most of the available RAM.

I ran a RAM test using my iPhone 8 (2GB RAM) and two Android phones with 12GB of RAM, and while I'll save the details for another time, suffice it to say that the iPhone's performance astonished me. Like... I was genuinely astonished!

When deciding between two Android smartphones, keep in mind that we've seen phones with 8GB of RAM outperform those with 10 and 12GB; thus, before assuming that more is better, read some evaluations.

Camera sensor size and photo/video post-processing technique.

Although you may believe that a camera with a greater megapixel count would capture better images than one with a lower megapixel count or that more cameras are always preferable, this is not the case with phone cameras.

If you're in the market for a new phone, you should verify the sensor size of the device you're considering. You may examine camera sensor sizes using Phone Arena's comparison tool for specifications. Larger camera sensors provide for more realistic bokeh and more light in tough lighting settings, resulting in superior photographs and movies overall.

Not to be overlooked is the fact that the majority of camera variations across smartphones nowadays are the result of post-processing. This implies that even if the Galaxy S22, iPhone 13, and Pixel 6 have comparable camera sensors and shoot excellent photographs, their sharpness, detail, and color tuning may set them apart and make them superior.

Currently, Samsung tends to overshape its photographs, which I dislike but which some of you may enjoy. Typically, Apple's iPhone shoots more realistic nighttime shots than any other smartphone, but these images are not necessarily spectacular. The Pixel 6 achieves a good compromise between the two, although its ultra-wide-angle camera is worse.

Keep an eye on our camera comparisons, so you're always up-to-date with the greatest photographers in the industry.

Motor for haptic feedback/vibration

A feature that iPhone owners take for granted and probably don't value enough because they've never used an inexpensive Android handset.

Haptic feedback consists of the vibrations felt while interacting with a smartphone. Typing, navigating menus, and receiving notifications when vibration is enabled are all examples of haptics.

In this sense, iPhones have dominated for years, but it's fantastic to see Android flagship phones like the Pixel 6 Pro, Galaxy S22 Ultra, and Xiaomi 12 Pro making big strides recently. Some Xiaomi midrange products are also renowned for their superior vibration motors.

Haptic feedback is only an additional layer of engagement with your smartphone, which you only get to enjoy after using a phone with a superior vibration motor. Simply visit the store and try on each pair to see which feels the best.

Rapid charging (although not as fast as Samsung's)

True fast-charging is another extremely underestimated feature of current cellphones.

If you've only ever owned an iPhone, Galaxy, or even a Pixel, you have no idea what you're missing out on with OnePlus and Xiaomi smartphones. And, sure... I am aware that Samsung's Galaxy S22 phones now support "45W" charging, but as it turns out, charging speeds are severely restricted, and the company's 45W charger does not charge your phone to 100 percent any quicker than a 25W charger.

In any case, the ability to charge your gadget for 20 minutes in the morning and use it throughout the day can be a game-changer. Not to mention certain smartphones, such as the Xiaomi 11T Pro and Redmi Note 11 Pro+, which require only 25 and 15 minutes to fully charge - yes, from 0% to 100%!

So, if you're deciding between two equally decent gadgets, but one has much quicker charging, do yourself a favor and choose the device with faster charging. Especially if you're constantly on the move and forget to charge your phone or if you're a heavy user who never gets through the day on a single charge. It may alter your life.

Greater power management for better battery life

Having a massive 5,000mAh battery certainly helps certain smartphones survive longer. Unless this is a Google Pixel 6 Pro, though... If there is one thing my Pixel has taught me, it is that power management and optimization are far more essential than having a high-capacity battery cell.

Our tests have revealed that the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which also features a 5,000 mAh battery, has 20 to 25 percent more endurance than the Pixel 6 Pro.

Apple's iPhone 13 Pro Max manages to outperform each of the aforementioned Android flagships with a substantially smaller battery, proving that software optimization is essential. Apple's iOS currently dominates in this area.

Step up your game, Android!

Phone weight (and size)

First, the sense of a phone's weight will be subjective since it depends heavily on the weight of the device you've been using up until the moment you pick up a new one.

Nonetheless, the Galaxy S22 (167g) is pleasantly light when compared to the Galaxy S21 Ultra (227g), iPhone 13 Pro Max (240g), or, God forbid, the Galaxy Z Fold 3. (271g).

I understand that a 60-80 gram difference may not seem like much on paper, and this is true when discussing a laptop or even a large tablet. However, with mobile devices, every gram counts. Okay, not quite, but you get the idea...

Especially when the weight difference is between 60 and 100 grams, you may discover that the lighter gadget is not only a pleasure to use but may also assist reduce any wrist pain you may have been experiencing from carrying a large, heavy smartphone all day.

In contrast, if/when you pick up a hefty phone after using a light gadget for a month, you would never understand how people utilize "these bricks."

Sound/speaker performance

My colleagues at PhoneArena have written several articles on why speaker quality on mobile devices is important. Unless, of course, you always use earphones, in which case it will not.

When listening to music or podcasts at home, a quality pair of stereo speakers eliminate the need for an extra Bluetooth device. Additionally, it can make media viewing more joyful.

It may go unnoticed since it blends in and becomes one with the pictures, but the sound is an integral aspect of movies and specific YouTube videos, and it is also the key to a successful production. It is not a coincidence that the majority of successful YouTubers pay great attention to sound. There is no valid reason not to.

A telephoto camera designed for optical zoom and portraiture

I've previously gushed over the Pixel 6 Pro's incredible 4x periscope telephoto lens, but allow me to restate...

Whether it provides a 3x, 4x, or 5x zoom, a fantastic telephoto camera may transform the way you shoot images with your smartphone, especially if you're already an avid phone photographer.

This focal length creates photographs of people and objects that are much more personal than those captured with a typical wide-angle lens. But a high-quality telephoto lens also dramatically alters the angle of view while doing street or animal photography - here is where the zooming aspect comes into play.

In addition to the Pixel 6 Pro, which has the greatest telephoto camera on the market, the Galaxy S22 Ultra, Galaxy S21 Ultra, Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, and iPhone 13 Pro and Max are among the best phones for this purpose.

In fact, I adore my telephoto lens so much that I think it should be the second camera on inexpensive phones as well, rather than the ultra-wide-angle cameras that are present on virtually every phone today.

Usually, you can take a few steps back to obtain a wider view of whatever you're photographing, especially if you're outdoors, but you can't climb a building or a tree to get a close-up image of whatever has captured your attention. Unless you're Spider-Man or the person who cleans the windows of towering buildings. I salute you if you are.

After-sale service

The importance of post-purchase customer support cannot be overstated. Although we have a tendency to see phones as "what you see is what you get" items, this is not the case.

Apple's virtually instantaneous phone/chat support has been a godsend - whether I've needed assistance with my iPhone, iPad, Mac, or iCloud account, they've always been fast to react.

I'm not suggesting that you get an iPhone, but you should verify that the phone manufacturer you've picked offers active customer service in your location. It's like having a tech-savvy friend you can always contact for assistance.

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