Smartphone History: When Did Smartphones Come Out?

By Francis SpierJuly 19, 2022

Have you ever wondered when the first smartphone was released? Let us take a stroll through history to discover the time each significant development took place.

1983- The First Mobile Phone Ever Made

It was Motorola that invented the first portable mobile phone with the DynaTAC 8000X over 40 years ago.

Since 1983, technology has come a long way toward becoming accessible to everyone, considering Motorola's first mobile phone was nearly $4000, weighing more than a pound, making it impossible to carry around.

As a matter of fact, DynaTAC 8000X was often referred to as “The Brick” because its battery lasted only 30 minutes. There is no doubt that this phone was more a status symbol than a useful tool, yet it was essential to the development of modern smartphones.

1994 – What Was The First Smartphone?

In 1992, IBM invented the first smartphone, which was made available to the public in 1994. The device was known as the Simon Personal Communicator (SPC). In spite of its lack of compactness and sleekness, it still boasted a few elements that were integral to the future of smartphones.

A touchscreen phone like the SPC was one of the first available. Furthermore, it allowed both faxing and emailing. It included a calendar, address book, and appointment scheduler. There was even a standard keyboard and a predictive stylus keyboard on the screen!

There were several features that made this device different and advanced enough to be referred to as the “World’s First Smartphone.” 

1997- The Beginning Of Mobile Gaming

Is it possible to imagine a world without games like Gardenscapes, Candy Crush, or Merge Mansion? It was like that before 1997.

In that era, Snake, developed by Finnish engineer Taneli Armanto, was released for Nokia 6110 phones, igniting the craze for mobile gaming. The snake was the ideal formula. It was an easily understandable, challenging, and simple game for people of all ages.

Now let's look at the present. The mobile gaming industry now has a market value of $100 billion.

2001- First Phone With Internet

Mobile phones weren't connected to 3G networks until the year 2000. Basically, a mobile communication standard was designed to provide wireless Internet access to portable electronic devices.

As a result, smartphones have become more powerful now, allowing them to do things like videoconferences and send large attachments via email. You will, however, have to pay a fee if you want to access the Internet on your phone. Although the device price had dropped to the range of $300 to $700, many found the cost of data unaffordable.

2007- Enter Steve Jobs

As far as smartphone evolution is concerned, 2007 was a crucial year. Apple's first iPhone was unveiled by Steve Jobs and his team at Macworld in 2007. The device was not only the smoothest touch screen device on the market but also provided access to the Internet in its full, unwatered-down glory. 

When the iPhone first launched, consumers were able to browse the web the same way they would on their desktop computers.

2022- The World At Our Fingertips

With that, we have reached the modern era. During the past twelve years since the iPhone was launched, here are some of the things we've seen:

  • Apple introduces 21 new iPhone models
  • Introducing Android, an iPhone competitor from Google. There are hundreds of Android smartphone hardware variations.
  • In the past few years, apps have risen to prominence (as well as their monetization).
  • Photographers on mobile devices are a new type of artist
  • Communication via wireless connections, such as texting and messaging

We can all agree that smartphones have changed how we live. According to estimates, there are about 5 billion cellphone users in the world, and at least 2.5 billion of them use smartphones. There is no doubt that this number will continue to rise in the future.

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