Walmart is Offering a Discount on Apple iPad Air

By Donald AtkinsJune 9, 2022

Today is the first day of pre-orders for Apple's highly anticipated third-generation iPhone SE with 5G, which Apple hopes to sell like hotcakes despite maintaining a horribly outmoded design and giving limited screen real estate by 2022 standards.

However, if you act quickly, you can be one of the first to get your hands on the amazingly powerful and reasonably priced fifth-generation iPad Air. The 10.9-inch slate starts at $599 in a 64GB storage configuration. 

It normally costs $749 with 256GB of local digital storage and no built-in 4G LTE or 5G connectivity, based on the same state-of-the-art M1 silicon as the slightly larger and significantly more expensive iPad Pro 11 (2021).

The latter's list price, believe it or not, is immediately cut by a whopping 70 dollars at Walmart. There are no strings connected, no questions to answer, and no particular conditions to consider.

Simply pre-order the 256GB Wi-Fi-only iPad Air (2022) as soon as possible, and you will pay $679 instead of $749 at the nation's largest retailer. Although this is not technically a limited-time launch bargain, we are confident Walmart will not be able to keep up with your demand for long, so do not be surprised if the sale expires or the tablet sells out within hours of our posting.

After all, this is the kind of deal that iPad Air (2020) purchasers have been unable to find for the past, oh, about 18 months. While the two devices appear to be nearly identical at first glance, the new model is said to have twice the RAM of its predecessor, as well as a greatly enhanced chipset. 

It has a vastly improved 12MP front-facing camera with Center Stage capabilities. By the way, Walmart appears to have sold out of the space gray 256GB iPad Air 5 variation, but the 64GB Wi-Fi-only iPad Air 5 edition is still available in all five color variants at a $40 discount. 

If you want to pre-order the less expensive model, keep an eye on Walmart's official website for a possible restocking at $559 in the coming hours and days as long as you are ready to wait a few more weeks for delivery. 

The $679 iPad Air (2022) with 256GB of internal storage is presently less expensive than a 128GB Galaxy Tab S8, and while Samsung's latest 11-inch tablet does contain an S Pen, its Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor can not compare to Apple's pure M1 beast.

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