How Many People Have Smartphones?

By Kimberly WatsonJuly 21, 2022

In light of the rapid growth of mobile commerce, investing in mobile marketing for e-commerce businesses is more important than ever. For a better understanding of how many people own smartphones, take a look at the latest statistics on smartphone users.

Smartphone users are increasing year after year, according to the latest statistics. As of 2022, there are estimated to be 6.6 billion smartphone users worldwide, representing a growth rate of 4.9 percent per year. The number of smartphone users has also increased by 2.9 billion, or 79 percent, just in the last six years.

From 2016 through 2022, there was an average annual increase of 10.4 percent in smartphone users worldwide, 2017 being the year of greatest growth. By the end of that year, there were 20.9 percent more smartphone users.

A smartphone is also one of the most popular types of mobile devices. In a recent survey of smartphone users, it was found that 76.9 percent have a smartphone. It is estimated that the number of smartphone users worldwide will continue to rise through 2023 and will reach 6.8 billion.

Assuming that there will be a little over eight billion people on the planet by then, 85 percent of the population will own smartphones by then. Therefore, more than eight out of ten people on the planet will own a smartphone by the year 2023.

Number Of Smartphone Users In Advanced Economies

Across various economies, smartphone users are fairly disproportionately distributed. It should come as no surprise that smartphone ownership is significantly higher throughout advanced economies, such as Australia, South Korea, Japan, a majority of European countries, and the United States.

These countries report having an average of 76 percent of adults owning a smartphone, the most prevalent being South Korea, where almost all adults (95 percent) own smartphones.

Nevertheless, smartphone usage has declined significantly in emerging economies. The situation is particularly pronounced in Latin American and African countries. It is estimated that only 45 percent of adults in these markets own a smartphone, with India having the lowest smartphone ownership rate of 1 in 4.

In emerging economies, one of the main reasons for the low smartphone usage is the high poverty rate, which makes smartphones unaffordable for most people.

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